Who Is Clarity Legal Group?

Clarity Legal Group are fixed fee divorce lawyers offering a free initial consultation in Family Law matters including child custody, financial settlement and domestic violence matters. The firm was established at the beginning of 2020 by Nicole Jevtovic, family and domestic violence lawyer. The office is situated in Gold Coast however runs its files mostly electronically in order to service clients Australia wide. It is time-flexible and often conducts after hours mediations. While court advocacy is a strength for the practice with its lawyers having spent many hours in courts across Australia, the practice aims to resolve matters outside of court with a focus on positive solutions.

Family Lawyers
The lawyers are available for in person consultations at the office located at Level 1, 61 Railway Street, Mudgeeraba during business hours on Monday to Friday. Clarity Legal Group lawyers are family lawyers who are able to meet with you in person or over the phone to discuss your case and provide you with expert family law legal advice.

Mobile, Time-Flexible Service
Clarity Family Law Solutions runs its files electronically which means that most matters can be conducted completely over the phone or internet. The lawyers are available for their client's urgent enquiries on their mobile and emails 24/7 and are able to conduct consultations and mediations after business hours. Online consultations and mediations can be conducted by Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams or other video platforms.

Appearances in Most Courts Australia Wide
As the Family Law Act 1975 is Commonwealth legislation, our lawyers are able to help in family law matters all across Australia. They appear in the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court in Brisbane and Southport regularly and also across Australia. They regularly appear in Magistrates and District Court for domestic violence matters in Southport Magistrates Court, Coolangatta Magistrates Court, Beenleigh Magistrates Court, Brisbane Magistrates Court, Maroochydore Magistrates Court and regional courts across Queensland. 

Parenting, Property and Domestic Violence Matters
Child custody law, financial settlement law and domestic violence law are the types of matters that Clarity Legal Group can assist with. Within the area of child custody are matters such as child recovery, supervised time and 50/50 shared care orders as well as issues such as drug use, child abuse and parental alienation. Financial settlement includes large and modest property pools with assets and liabilities like trusts, businesses, superannuation and overseas assets. They can also help with Binding Financial Agreements, or pre-nups and many other family law matters.

Reasonable Fixed Fees
The firm are divorce lawyers offering fixed fees and free initial consultations in Family Law, with absolutely no obligation for on-going representation. With fixed fees you know what your legal fees will be up front and do not have to worry about receiving a large bill at the end of your matters. All child custody, financial settlement and domestic violence matters can be resolved on a fixed fee basis so you can pick up the phone and chat with your lawyer without being charged for every call.

Achieving the Best Result for Your Case
Clarity Legal Group focus is on achieving your goals; resolving your case in the most stress-free and cost effective way possible. At our first meeting, we will discuss what your ideal outcome would be for your case and work out a plan to achieve that for you. Sometimes simply negotiating through lawyers is the solution, sometimes parties need to attend mediation for some help. Occasionally the only solution is lodge an application in court in order to fight what is in your, or your children's, best interests.

Clarity Legal Group will simplify the separation process and achieve a positive result for your family law matter. With time flexible, mobile and experienced divorce lawyers, this difficult time in your life can be a litter easier with our help.

Contact Clarity Legal Group, fixed fee divorce lawyers, for a free initial consultation in Family Law to determine whether we are able to assist with your matter.

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