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Nicole Jevtovic, Founder and Principal Solicitor
Nicole Jevtovic, founder of Clarity Legal Group
Nicole Jevtovic, Founder and Mediator
How to transfer a house after separation
How to help your children through the separation process
How to finalise a parenting arrangement by agreement
How to finalise a financial separation by agreement
How to divide superannuation interests
How to decide what is a fair financial division
How to apply to the court for a parenting or financial matter
How to apply for a
recovery order
How to apply for a domestic violence protection order
How can a domestic violence order be finalised?
Getting advice from an accountant when separating
Duty of disclosure during a financial settlement
Does it matter whose name assets and liabilities are in?
Do I need to update my will when separating?
Do I have to see a lawyer when separating?
What to think about when selling your home during separation
What to think about when going through a separation
What to do if one party is deposing-hiding assets?
What the court considers when making a domestic violence order

What is spousal maintenance?

What is mediation?
What is a family report?
Can I protect my assets before separation?
Do I have to go to court to finalise my separation?

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